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Caught On Tape

Videos Caught on Tape In Real Time
Good Manners? Can Someone Help Me, I'm Trying To Rob This Place 00:51
Wife Destroys "Cheating" Husband’s Luxury BMW With A Hammer! 00:32
Students and Parents Upset Because Black Teen Violently Slammed By Police Officer 00:21
Fight At Walmart 2015 01:03
Student Slams Teacher To The Ground For Taking His Mobile Phone Away. 00:24
Married Congressman Caught on Camera Making Out with Staffer 01:50
DREADFUL! Kid Gets SUSPENDED For Looking Like CHIEF KEEF At This School! 01:45
Police Pull Gun On An 11 Year Old Playing In TreeHouse! 02:32
Right or Wrong? Mother Whips Her Son For Claiming to Be Gangsta on Facebook 06:23

Pets and Animals

Pets and Animals
Watch This Sea Turtle Devour a Jellyfish Like Spaghetti 01:16
Dog knows difference between bath and walk. 00:35
Bald Eagle Eats Armadillo While Greedy Vultures Wait Around For Leftovers! 01:51
One Huge Crocodile! 00:50
Alligator Steals Fish From Little Girl 00:33
Alligator snapping turtle eats watermelon 01:19
Shark VS Turtle - place your bets 00:52
Baboon Vs Toddler 00:52
Animal Clip Of The Week: Saving Dumbo! 05:32
PREGNANT?!? 02:35

Very Funny

Funny Videos That Will Have You LOL
Really! Couple Uses Baby Carrier To Sneak Food Into Movies 00:35
Lil Brother Defending Sister So That She Won't Go To Jail 01:34
Lebron James  Micheal Beasley Perform Juveniles Back That Ass Up 02:57
PART 2: Guy Has Dinner Date With His Girl In The Middle Of The Street 00:33
Guy Has Dinner Date With His Girl In The Middle Of The Street 00:35
Will Ferrell escorts Shaq out of Staples! 00:32
Fight with Bob the Sponge and Hello kitty (Madrid) 00:38
Old Lady Gets Pimp Smacked By Robot! 00:42
(Video) Big Girl Going Off To Ciara! LOL 01:39


Politics News
White Privilege? 28 Year Old Women with No Experience, Trumps Highest Paid Staffer 01:14
Obamas Sing Happy Birthday To Usher 00:25
WTH! Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney 00:22
Obama Votes Early in Chicago Hometown 01:43
Colin Powell Endorses President Obama 02:00
Obama's Response To Donald Trump 01:50
Richard Mourdock - GOP Senator Says "Rape Is God's Will" 00:28
Horses and Bayonets Goes Viral on the Internet. 00:59
President Obama in New Hampshire - Full Speech 10/18/2012 27:32
How Early Vote Turned North Carolina Blue 03:31


Other Videos
Man Gets Arrested on Six Felony Warrants, Proposes To Girlfriend 00:22
Random Clip Of The Week  Couple Have Their Wedding Ceremony Underwater 03:41
Woman Addicted To Butt Injections! 01:40
AMAZING! Glass Ball Magician! 01:39
Sexercise: Woman Shows How To Work Out The Buttocks Using A Jump-Rope. 00:43
Slap For Cash Michigan Knockouts [Part 2] 04:49
Spoken Word of The Day: Through The Storm - Lamonte Frierson 02:41
Surprise Wedding Proposal Of The Week: Long Beach & Sunset! 10:15
WTH: 2 Girls 4 Punches! 01:56
WTF: Elderly Man Smashes Brick On His Head Until He Knocks Himself Out! 00:26


Celebrity News, Interviews, and Information
Really Sad - Young Black Doctors Last Americas Got Talent Performance 06:54
Michael Blackson Clowns Rob Kardashian For Getting Scammed By Blac Chyna 01:36
50 Cent On The T.I  VS Floyd Mayweather Fight 50 Cent Clowns Him For Fighting T I  Over Tiny 00:31
T.I. Responds To Fight With Floyd Mayweather | FULL VIDEO 01:01
T.I And Floyd Mayweather Fight At Fat Burger Bar In Vegas [FULL VIDEO] 01:14
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Husband Charged 02:40
Jay-Z   Beyonce Wedding Anniversary In Cuba 01:13
Rihanna and Chris Brown Broken Up? 01:03
Rihanna's 'sassy' River Island debut 00:51
Nicki Minaj My Truth | Sneak  Peek 01:39

Comedy and Humor

Comedy, Humor, lol, funny
Family Feud Players Baffle Steve When It Takes Them Only Seconds To Think Of Murder Weapons 05:46
Stranded Sexy Topless Bikini Girl Shark Attack Prank 01:22
LOL: My First Car [Comedy Skit] 02:06
The Ten Weave Commandments! 02:57
Haircuts In The Hood PRANK!! 02:38
Video - Bone Thugs and Homeless 01:24
Donald Trump Offering $5 Million for Obama's College Records. wtf 02:45
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - LUNCHTIME WARFARE TRAILER 01:05
Mash Up: Word Mash Up - Bad BOYZ II MEN in Black 01:38
Semi-pro Kevin Black comedy stand up 3...... Very Funny @ Locals Only Club 08:36

Movies and TV

Movie Trailers, TV
A Haunted House 2 Official Trailer #2 (2014) - Marlon Wayans Movie HD 00:31
El DeBarge Performs A Medley Of 'How Can You Love Me' & 'All This Love' 04:41
“American Greed” Trailer: Fake Hip-Hop Thug “The Blackxican” Scams Folks Out Of Fortune! 01:31
About Last Night  Trailer - Starring Kevin Hart 03:12
Inmate, LiInmate 'Little Crazy Low' Calls A Bunch Of Bad Kids Honeybuns! "I'll Slap The Dogsh*t Outta You!" 01:15
Basketball Wives LA Season 2 Brooke vs Jackie Fight 11:15
THAILAND'S GOT TALENT - Is This Thailand Singer A Man Or Woman? 05:53
Talent Of The Week: Bone Breakers On Steve Harvey! 02:31
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - LUNCHTIME WARFARE (SHORT FILM) 08:58
Iron Man 3 Trailer - Official Marvel | HD 02:01


Music Video, Performances, Showcases
Diddy And Lil Kim Perform 'All About The Benjamins' At Prive Night Club! 02:02
Beyonce & Jay Z performing  Drunk in Love  at The Grammy's 2014 HD 05:19
Snoop Lion ' La La La' (Official Video) 03:40
Wiz Khalifa - The Tweak Is Heavy (Official Video) 03:33
Diamond - The Thirst Official Music Video 02:38
Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad [Music Video] 05:35
Mya ft. Spice - Take Him Out (Official Video) 03:35
Official Behind The Scenes of Representin Ludacris Feat. Kelly Rowland 03:51
Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom Music Video 03:21
Will Smith freestyles while Doug E Fresh beat boxes 04:18

Headline News

Headline News from around the globe
Orlando Cops Pull Over Black Woman and Quickly Discovers That She Is The State Attorney 01:34
American college grad beaten to death in Greece 01:59
Judge Astacio sentenced to 60 days in jail, 3 years of probation 03:00
Louisiana Rapper Pushes Girlfriend Out of Plane and Saves Her Life! 01:00
Young Girl From Haiti Gets Life-Saving Surgery 02:02
McDonald's managers ordered to cheat their employees 02:39
Gunman Opens Fire in Los Angeles Police Department, Shooting an Officer 01:01
Megachurch pastor resigns, After Confessing to Cheating on his wife. 01:09
Local Houston Rapper Dies After Getting Set Up By His BEST Friend! 02:42
Miami Corrections Officer Shoots Her Husband Cause He Stayed Out Too Damn Late! 02:57

Sexy and Photo Shoots

Sexy woman, photo shoots
Instagram's Most Famous Butt: Meet Jen Selter 02:30
PLUS SIze Woman Shows Off Her Body In Broad Daylight [Hollywood] 02:32
Bernice Burgos Behind The Scene Photoshoot 03:43
Sexy Brazilian Chicks In Lingerie Fashion Show 07:01
Wankaego Shows How Flexible She Is Then Does Some Serious Gymnastics! 01:21
Hot Brazilian Chick Chillin On The Beach. Is That Booty Real? 01:09
Brazilian TV Show - Sexy Bikini Booty Soap Soccer 02:34
New Sport - Sexy Female Bouncy Soccer 05:00
Joanna Shari My Workout Routine 04:00
New Hot Joanna Shari Collection!!! feat. The Motorcade 08:17


Football, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Racing, Baseball
Former First Lady Michelle Obama Stuns In Black Dress At Espys 2017 18:15
Watch Lonzo Balls Laker Debut - His Clutch Moments. 01:06
Better Than Lebron James In High School? 10:15
LSU Gymnast Hip-Hop Inspired Routine (Scores PERFECT 10) 01:50
Hometown Hero - Pro am Boxer Trevaugn Moore (Lil Mike Tyson) 02:50
Deion Sanders Gets Marshawn Lynch To Do A Rare Interview! (Video) 02:07
LeBron James Responds to Michael Jordan 01:50
Garnett to Play in Final All-Star Game 01:02
BU Half-Court shot for Tuition 00:38
Rajon Rondo flagrant 1 on Dwyane Wade 01:05