Mila Kunis says she still cannot believe that she is starring in a film opposite Denzel Washington. The twenty-five-year-old actress holds her own opposite the two-time Oscar winner and veteran actor Gary Oldman in the action packed thriller The Book of Eli. The story centers on a lone hero named Eli (Denzel Washington) who must fight his way across the wasteland of post apocalyptic America to protect a sacred book that might hold the key to saving the future of humanity. Kunis plays Solara, one of the survivors of the apocalypse who will do anything to get away from the horrible environment she is forced to live in. She finds solace and a means of escape when Eli comes to town. Tribute's Bonnie Laufer spoke with Kunis in Los Angeles about working with her esteemed co-stars, how she prepared for her action scenes and how lucky she feels to be making movies. More interviews at

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