Boobs Growing Barbie! Funny Video! Fail Toys Funny lol Video Doll from 1975. This is a Funny Video of Barbie's Little Sister " Boobs Growing Up Skipper". One of the Funniest Fail Toys Ever Reviewed by Mike Mozart of The Fail Toys Channel JeepersMedia on YouTube This is an Unusual Funny FAIL Toys video of a LMAO Vintage Doll OMG! People today complain about the Bratz Dolls by MGA being inappropriate for children, but dolls from the 1970s make some of the Funniest, Hilarious Funny LOL Videos! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?? There are other Barbie Dolls that I plan to review soon that seem to broadcast some Bad and Troubling Messages to the intended girl target market. This video Toy Product Review is actually Quite tame compared to videos such as Boiling Barbie, Bondage Barbie and others found on YouTube. I will be reviewing inappropriate and extreme Bratz Dolls too. Mattel was upset over the Aqua song "Barbie Girl" and actually entered into litigation to stop it for Sexual Content. The sexy content in the "Barbie Girl" song is nothing compared to some other the other Vintage official Barbie Products that I Intend to review. A Funny Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia. Please see my Review of Barbie Pooping Dog Tanner and Barbie Peeing Cat Mika. Mika the Peeing cat is really owned by Barbies Friend Theresa. Lots more reviews by Michael Mozart are being posted almost daily to Jeepers Media on You Tube.

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