Today's Ask Teal episode is about: Pets. In this episode, Teal explains that beings only ever opt into the experience if it serves them in some way. The reason that they are so easy to love and the reason that they are such good teachers is that they are much more allowing. They remain aware of their own temporary nature. They remain aware of their eternal spirit and so they do not attach to their identities and resist death and resist what they do not like in the way that we do. They tend to stay in alignment regardless of the conditions of their life unless they are trained away from that alignment. It is natural for them to gravitate towards what they enjoy and not focus on what they do not enjoy and because of this alignment, they are able to more closely match the vibration and perspective of their eternal consciousness or higher selves and so they are able to hold the focus and vibration of unconditional love. They do not harbor negative intentions, regardless of what is done to them and you can feel it off of them. Animals are amplifiers of your own vibrational state; they magnify and reflect your emotions back to you. Animals are allowing, this is beneficial to them when they are allowing of their own alignment which is quite easy for them. But not so beneficial when they allow their own alignment with a human who is out of alignment. Animals are not selfless as so many think, for the most part...they are completely self gratifying. They fill up their own cups ...

Channel: Pets and Animals

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