"Last night on Basketball Wives - it was POPPIN!!! We know that many of y'all were TOO BUSY WORRYING ABOUT THE HURRICANE to watch. But it was KRAY KRAY.

It all started out with the typical SHE SAID-SHE SAID that they have on just about every show. But then it got interesting. Brooke, a former video model with a "STREET" side to her, started arguing with OLD AZZ JACKIE.

At first Jackie acted like she wanted to RAISE UP. But when she saw Brooke wasn't backing down . . . she appeared scared. That didn't stop Jackie from STAYING in Brooke's face . . . until it POPPED OFF.

The producers CUT OUT ALL THE VIOLENCE - so no one saw exactly what happened - BUT WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!

According to a person on the production team Brook PUNCHED Jackie in the face TWICE. Then she grabbed her by the hair - and knocked her head into the table. Tells our insider, "Jackie fell down and was knocked out. Not laid out, but you know when the referee has to stop the fight because the boxer is dazed and can't stand up straight. That's how Jackie was. It was a technical knockout."

We're told security pulled the two apart, and Jackie was seen by a paramedic that the producers had on standby.

SMH at a reality show needing PARAMEDICS on stadby. LOL"

According To MediaTakeOut

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