ONE FAST LIFE - C.KHiD [ music video ]

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top songs of 2012: ONE FAST LIFE - C.KHiD, a new song from album "Black Box Dreams 6". Song Title - One Fast Life Artist - C.KHiD Video Director - Shawn Ouwinga featured Dancer - Megan Dujardin Download this and other top songs of 2012 C.KHiD released on iTunes: Visit the official C.KHiD website & store for free songs / music downloads - Over 17000000 plays have been made to C.KHiD's songs on YouTube and this will be another big hit. A song that sharess the depth of experiences C.KHiD has lived through, the song is motivational and very reality-based. Growing up in front of the eyes of many American Hip Hop fashion music fans, C.KHiD is a unique individual that many have come to love and follow to share in a vicarious lifestyles. This will definitely be one of the rappers top songs of 2012, as it's comparable to his hits 'Yeah Yeah' and 'I Want This World'. One Fast Life - C.KHiD ( lyrics to song ): Music Video Behind the Scenes Pictures: New Song "One Fast Life" was produced by - Dresmore Music -. If looking for more music, simply keeping reading this Youtube video description. Other popular C.KHiD videos and top songs of 2012 can be found below: Summer Summa - C.KHiD: Yeah Yeah - C.KHiD: It Is What It Is - C.KHiD: Wont Stop - C.KHiD ft. Flash: Stay tuned and subscribe to the C.KHiD Youtube channel. More top songs of 2012 are sure to release. Over 30 ...

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