This video is for true beginners with no dance experience. People with no dance skill come to me all the time wanting to learn how to dance. In addition to classes, I teach private lessons, mostly to guys who don't want to look dumb when they go to a dance with a girl. The key is to learn how to feel the music and move to it like a hip hop dancer does. As I explain in the vid, 95% of the time you will be just moving or bouncing to the beat mostly in place. In clubs and dances, theres usually no room to bust it out, and if there is, it's usually too dark to really see anyway. When I'm out at a club I can spot girls that know how to move well not because they're busting it out, but because of the simple ways they move to the beat. That's your goal: move to the beat like a really good dancer. So this video just skims the surface of how to do that. This video shows you a few simple moves that you can put together into a sweet move. It's important to master the small moves. That's what sets you apart as a hip hop dancer and someone that is trying to hip hop dance. Move videos will come later.

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